"WOW! What a great response and a great turnaround. We were all thrilled to have this done so quickly and, as always, so well."
Susan O'Brien
HR Works Inc.

Web Programming For Hire
Outsourcing your web programming? 4th Jump founder Amanda Allen has over 12 years of web development experience and over 20 years of programming experience. She is a quick learner of new environments and systems. As a consultant, Amanda can be fully independent or a valuable addition to your team.

She has solid experience and skills in all aspects of application development:


  • Adept at gathering requirements from technical or non-technical stakeholders
  • Learns your business processes before automating them online
  • Looks for opportunities to streamline existing processes
  • Documents requirements (including UML Use Case diagrams and HTML prototypes) and communicates them in a clear manner back to stakeholders

Application Design

  • Sharp reasoning skills help plan out object-oriented or procedural application designs
  • Enjoys tackling complex database designs

Interface Design and Implementation

  • Never underestimates the importance of usability, cross-browser compatibility, and good interface design
  • Individually trained by the renowned Nielsen Norman Group in running usability tests
  • Develops pages with tableless designs and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Proficient in Javascript and DHTML


  • PHP (object-oriented and procedural)
  • ASP
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • XML, Perl, and more
  • Solid conceptual understanding and independent learning make it easy to pick up other technologies quickly

Project Management

Even when Amanda isn’t the project lead, her experience managing requirements, risk, and developer teams helps ensure that her projects stay on track. Any influences on the deadline or budget are identified and communicated quickly.