Your Small Business Budget
Here are some ways that we keep project costs down, in keeping with our mission to provide full-featured web sites to small businesses:
  • Low overhead.
    Without sacrificing the quality of a top-notch web "dream team", you get the same cost structure as independent consultants.
  • Use of existing systems.
    Whatever you want, we've probably already built. Or it's available for low or no cost from someone else who has. We can start with that foundation and make it work for you.
  • Low-cost technologies.
    Some of our preferred technologies - such as PHP and MySQL - are free platforms that run on fast, low-cost servers. 4th Jump does not provide web hosting directly, but will set you up with 3rd party hosting as cheap as $60 a year.
  • No recurring maintenance contracts.
    We would be glad to help you with maintenance or future projects, but our business model is to set you up with a website that you can manage and update without technical knowledge.
  • Integrity.
    Too often in technical areas such as web development, techno-savvy businessmen can take advantage of clients. Not only do we at 4th Jump strive to be completely approachable and not talk over the heads of our clients, we're decent, honest people who will help you make decisions in your own best interest.