"WOW! What a great response and a great turnaround. We were all thrilled to have this done so quickly and, as always, so well."
Susan O'Brien
HR Works Inc.

Our Approach

First and foremost, we want to get to know you and your business. Every web project is unique. So while our process may vary, our values stay the same. We hope throughout the process of building your site, you will join us in considering the following ideas:

Think beyond "web design".

Yes, looking good is critical, but what will your site do? Letting your customers interact with your business online can often make them more satisfied while saving you time and money - if it's done right. And that's why it's important to understand the difference between hiring a web designer and hiring 4th Jump.

Think about the future.

A web site is not a brochure, sent to print once a year and read once by each customer. It needs to be kept current and fresh. Is that going to be a time consuming and/or cost-consuming burden? Consider a content management system to allow you to maintain your site yourself. Don't get locked into monthly maintenance fees or paying someone to copy and paste your messages into your own website.

Think about usability.

We do. Users are frustrated by the multitude of websites that don't work right, or have confusing links and sections that make it hard to find what you want. Let's build a site that makes it easy for your users to get what they want. Then they'll be more likely to trust your site and you.*

Think about value.

4th Jump was founded with the mission to provide small businesses with custom-built, feature-rich, robust websites… for a small-business budget. We do this by keeping low overhead, re-using existing components, maintaining our integrity, and relying on our experience to create efficiency. Read more about the cost factors and how we keep them down.

* See "Growing a Business Website" by leading web usability expert Jakob Nielsen